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5 Hobbies the “Hobby-less” Can Easily Pick up

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Lifestyle

Hobbies are an interesting phenomenon. Why do we need them? Why do we want them? And how in the heck do you find one? Those with dedicated hobbies love to do them. And those without hobbies, like us, want them. The key to finding a good hobby is trying different things. Starting small, not getting frustrated when you aren’t immediately good at it, and practice, practice, practice. Or at least that’s what we’ve been told. 

We decided to round up 5 hobbies that aren’t incredibly intimidating (who decided glass blowing was a thing?) or expensive (do people really yacht race?). So let’s begin your search for the perfect hobby.

1. Cooking

We all gotta eat right? Instead of dreading the process, embrace it! Challenge yourself to try one new recipe a week. It can be extremely difficult or super easy but pick something new. This hobby is #1 on our list because after cooking comes eating and we’re big fans of that. 

2. Crafting

The thing we love about crafting is there are countless kits online to get you started. Meaning no stressful trips to the endless aisles of Michaels. Find an end product you like and buy the kit associated. You can start a simple scarf with this kit from We Are Knitters. Or a sunset embroidery kit from SundayMorningsShop on Etsy. Or google your own! There is no limit to the number of kits you can find.

3. Hiking

Start small. Walk around the neighborhood. Look up your city’s easiest nature walks. The great thing about hiking is it’s a buildable hobby. Go for 20 minutes, 30, maybe next week an hour. You get to explore the nature around you and you get to completely unplug. We highly recommend it.

4. Meditation

We think everyone could all use a little tranquility in our lives. Why not find your own and start meditating. Use well-established apps and platforms like Headspace for guided meditations. Or try on your own by spending five minutes every day where you sit alone, eyes closed, laptop shut, and just focus on breathing and thinking freely. This is an especially great hobby because it requires no extra materials. Just you and your breathing. 

5. Plants, plants, and more plants.

Most everyone has acquired more plants over the last few months. We recommend starting with easy to care for plants and then upping the difficulty level as you go. We know this may not seem like a hobby, but once you start with one, you’ll soon be surrounded. It’s an excellent way to channel your energy into something.

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